Yoga and Cycling Are A Perfect Match

Picture of Lindsay Sweetman

Cycling offers excellent cardiovascular benefits as well as muscular endurance and strength. However, many cyclists struggle with excess tension in the shoulders, back, and hips. The repetitive nature of cycling biomechanics, along with the cycling posture itself create physical imbalances that cyclists must try to counteract. There are many postures in yoga that target specific muscle groups that are overworked while on the bike. These postures not only improve balance and mobility, but they are also designed to increase physical and mental strength.

It must be stressed that yoga is so much more than a series of postures (asanas), it is the breath linking those postures together which can be so powerful—without breath control, it’s not yoga; it’s just stretching.The focus on learning Yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) and moving with the breath (vinyasa) is what will transform your riding, by controlling the breath you can take control of your heart rate and access more power on the bike, it will also allow a reduction in recovery time.

Cyclists whom I have taught have reported an increase in breath capacity and control over their breathing when under exertion, alongside a calmness in their breath and mind while riding.

I will be running ‘yoga for cyclists’ classes on Tuesday evenings starting on July 9th. The first 4 classes July 9th/16th/23rd/30th will be a beginners series. The last 2 classes August 20th/27th will be more dynamic once the foundations have been established. It is advisable to attend all 6 classes of the series.

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