For the Body:

Strength, Mobility & Flexibility

All classes aim to strengthen and lengthen the body. We often lead sedentary lifestyles, any sports we do can lead to imbalances. The physical component of our yoga classes aims to bring the body back into balance through a process of power, precision and mindful movement


For the Mind:

Meditation & Mindfulness

Every group class gives time for both relaxation and meditation. 

With our mind in every day mode we don’t always see things with perspective. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves at work, in relationships and socially, trying to live up to our own expectations and the expectations of others.  This can be exciting but it can also leave us feeling stressed, emotionally drained or that feeling of ‘running on empty’

Meditation and Mindfulness gives us the space to explore what we feel rather than trying to make our lives what we think it should be like.  When the mind calms we are able to see when we are acting out of habit, we begin to notice patterns of behaviour and learn to be more mindful of our thoughts and actions. Less striving for more and more clarity makes life feel more balanced. Try it and see!

For the Nervous System:


The breath is one of the biggest regulators of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems in the entire body. When we are stressed out, we tend to hold our breath or breathe very shallowly. This triggers a cascade of neuro-chemical reactions in the body.

Breath-work is a simple yet powerful way to help alleviate stress and anxiety, to fall asleep faster, energise yourself or improve endurance.

In class, you will learn to regulate the breath in addition to a range of ancient, powerful and effective breathing techniques.

Private yoga classes:

For those who want a bespoke class tailored to their individual needs

Private classes can have a mixture of physical postures, meditation and breath-work. You get to choose the focus of the class. 

Private classes are  ideal if you are recovering from illness, surgery or injury, they are also good if you want to build up the confidence to join a group class. Some people just prefer to have weekly private classes.  

Private class times can be held early in the morning, in the day or in the evening. 

 Classes are £55 for 60 minutes or £250 for 5 sessions when booked in advance.

If you would like to book a private or corporate session please get in touch